SAUG Solutions Series: SAP data archiving - a simple and secure solution

14th Nov 2023
2:00PM - 2:45PM

Join this webinar to discover how SAP data decommissioning can revolutionise your business transformation initiatives.

Many companies today have ‘display only’ SAP legacy systems storing large volumes of data that are costly and only used for historical purposes. In addition, these systems require constant maintenance and management to comply with security and compliance requirements. Storing this data is costly, time-consuming, and a drain on resources.

If your company is moving to S/4HANA or to the cloud, selling or merging a part of the business, or moving away from SAP completely, you might be about to create such a ‘display only SAP system’.

EPI-USE Labs' innovative solution, Archive Central, is a secure cloud platform developed by EPI-USE Labs to address these challenges. This platform gives you flexible read-only access to structured and unstructured data, without having to keep legacy systems running. Also, the project requires very little input from your business teams, who are busy with the new platform implementation.

During the webinar, Paul will explore the following key benefits for business decision-makers:

  • Cost reduction: Retire expensive-to-maintain legacy systems and alleviate the financial burden caused by managing large volumes of data growth.
  • Resource optimisation: Free up valuable time and IT resources by eliminating the need to maintain outdated database versions or patch old systems.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws through secure encryption, regulatory compliance controls, and comprehensive backups and disaster recovery.
  • Use-case exploration: Discover various use cases for data archiving within your SAP landscape and uncover opportunities for process optimisation and efficiency gains.
  • Partial migrations to the cloud, Greenfield / selective migrations

The webinar also includes a live demonstration. See firsthand how EPI-USE Labs' Archive Central platform provides flexible, read-only access to structured and unstructured data without the need for legacy system maintenance.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your business with efficient data archiving. Register now for this webinar and take the first step towards optimising your SAP landscape.

Guest Speaker:

Paul Hammersley
SVP ALM Product Portfolio


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