EPI-USE Labs provides clarity on data testing

Please join us for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday 20th April from 10AM - 11AM, where EPI-USE Labs will show how you can sync your SAP testing, privacy, and compliance needs.

With SAP's updated data processing agreements, how do you get production-like data in your test systems without using production data?

SAP's data processing agreements now prohibit the use of production data in test systems. However, effective testing methodologies require data that resembles production data, leaving engineers in the lurch as generating accurate, life-like data is too complex and time-consuming.

In this webinar we look at how data scrambling enables the use of real production data in test environments without risking data privacy breaches, or non-compliance with SAP and local data privacy laws.

We are thrilled to have guest speaker Daniel Parker, Solutions Director from EPI-USE Labs, with us to discuss the following:

  • The changes in SAP's data privacy agreements, and why you should take notice
  • The effect of data privacy laws in Australia and New Zealand specifically with regards to breach disclosure
  • Why we need real SAP data in test systems
  • Best practices for scrambling data so that it can be used in test systems

Take this opportunity to learn how you can reduce your data privacy risks and stay compliant with local laws and SAP's data processing agreements.

For more information and to register CLICK HERE

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