Webinar: Assessing Vendor Cyber Security and Information Risk

6th Aug 2024
10:00AM - 11:00AM

Is your vendor onboarding process integrated with a comprehensive vendor risk assessment to effectively address cyber and information security risks?

In this webinar, we showcase a streamlined digital process that engages all necessary participants at the right time, ensuring a fully integrated, end-to-end online experience.

This is a must-attend session for all Information System managers, Procurement managers, Accounts Payable managers, Risk and Compliance officers, and Master Data custodians.

  • Witness cyber and information security questionnaires in action during the Vendor Onboarding process.
  • Discover why vendor risk assessment should be integrated into a comprehensive vendor onboarding process, covering business risk identification, mitigation, and compliance.
  • Learn how to seamlessly digitise vendor cyber security and risk assessments into a streamlined onboarding solution.
  • Understand the importance of a comprehensive vendor onboarding solution that addresses risk, compliance, approval, and integration for both external and internal participants.
  • Appreciate how the best of SaaS and SAP Fiori provides unparalleled value and value flexibility while fully respecting SAP as the system of truth. 


Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your vendor risk management practices and streamline your cybersecurity protocols. Register now to empower your organisation with cutting-edge insights and tools for enhanced vendor assessment and security resilience. 

Guest Speaker:

Grant Slinger, Chief Operations Officer, IQX Business Solutions

Grant excels in delivering impactful mobile and web applications for SAP customers, driven by a passion for streamlining processes and enhancing user experiences. He combines deep technical knowledge with a keen understanding of business needs, ensuring solutions are both innovative and practical. Grant's approach prioritises user-centric design and business efficiency, making him a valuable speaker for those looking to harness SAP solutions effectively.

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