SAUG Webinar: Understanding and solving your Access Control Challenges

6th Jun 2024
2:00PM - 3:00PM

While governance models and risk rule sets are firmly entrenched in the marketplace, many organisations stumble when it comes to implementing an effective control framework. This shortfall is often attributed to outdated policies and procedures that no longer reflect the organisation's current processes, maturity or solutions in use.

Make sure you join our session which will help you understand and solve your access control challenges. We will examine the array of control options available to organisations and show why you should shift from manual controls to a more effective strategy of continuous control monitoring. We will also delve into the intricate relationship between policies, procedures, and controls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of up-to-date policies and procedures for effective controls, especially Access Control as part of an effective Continuous Control Monitoring Strategy.
  • Review the most common controls and their short comings.
  • Find out how implementing a continuous control monitoring strategy can significantly improve an organisation's risk management capability.


Guest Speaker:

Dudley Cartwright, co-founder and CEO of Soterion

With 20 years of SAP Authorisation experience, Dudley’s strong technical understanding combined with his practical business knowledge has allowed him to implement security solutions of the highest quality for companies all around the world. Dudley has a passion for implementing “fit-for-purpose” value-added solutions – a philosophy that has become the cornerstone of Soterion’s mission.

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