SAUG Webinar: Why Running SAP in the Cloud Makes Sense

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As more and more SAP customers are demonstrating the benefits of re-platforming their SAP infrastructure and applications from customized on-premise environments to the cloud, the question has also shifted from ‘should we move to the cloud’ to ‘which cloud’?

Join DXC Oxygen, the SAP evangelists together with partners Microsoft as they discuss the key considerations, and benefits of migrating to S/4 HANA ahead of the 2025 deadline on the Azure cloud platform.

Whether this is the start, or an extension of your cloud migration strategy, Azure is the only cloud solution that utilises the Microsoft ecosystem for a seamless and familiar user experience.

SAP HANA on Azure offers synergies for increased productivity such as integration with Office 365, Microsoft Power BI, and a wide selection of enterprise-grade data and application services, including predictive analytics, Active Directory with single sign-on, and enterprise-spanning authentication for all Microsoft users.

As a leading Microsoft partner, DXC Technology assists organisations looking for even more agility and scalability when transitioning to the cloud, with our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. This includes planning, design, build, upgrade, transformation, and transition well ahead of the 2025 deadline covering the full range of migration options as well as ongoing integrated full-stack SAP systems management, run support and roadmap optimisation, all with 100% delivery success.

During this session DXC Oxygen and Microsoft will explore

  • SAP on Azure - Deployment & Migration: the basics to deploying SAP on Azure, as well as the options for migrating existing SAP workloads onto Azure. Best practices will also be discussed.
  • Why DXC SAP PaaS on Azure: key use cases and benefits of running DXC SAP PaaS on Azure as opposed to alternative solutions (20% lower TCO, and up to 72% lower storage and compute costs)


Etienne Dittrich
SAP on Azure Global Blackbelt, Microsoft

Etienne has over 18 years’ experience of designing and deploying SAP landscapes across multiple industries. Etienne Joined Microsoft from SAP, where he was an Expert Cloud Architect and Advisor in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Team, responsible for reference architecture. He currently leads the SAP on Azure Technology Team for the Asia Timezone.

Etienne hast vast international experience across the globe and has been a front runner in deploying SAP Workload on Public Cloud since 2010.

Jason Chuang
ANZ Offering Lead, Platform & Application Services, DXC Technology

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Tuesday September 11th, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

10 Sep 18 11:59 PM


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