HR CONNECT 2019 – Placing People at the Heart of Business Success

9 May 19

We are in a time of unprecedented change. The future of the workplace looks very different to what we see today. Organisations everywhere continue to be disrupted by social change, globalisation, the impact of new technologies, and the need to adapt to volatility and acceleration. 

But what is the one thing that isn’t changing?  No matter how much technology helps us automate processes, it’s people that make the difference.

To thrive in this new world, we need to tap into our collective “human force” and place people at the very core of our business.  We need to maximise their unique skills and ensure that their time, talent and energy is aligned with business outcomes, services and growth strategies. And we need HR to lead this charge.

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  • Build a business focused on people:  Take the admin out of HR and operational work and focus on culture and maximising performance. HR, when done well, is not about performance management, recruiting or compensation.  It is about creating a culture that attracts, retains and maximises high performing people.
  • Become a magnet for talent:  Your recruiting brand strategy and your own employees are your greatest brand ambassadors.  Be a company that people want to join, attract and recruit the best talent because they want to be a part of your ideals and share your values.
  • Create the ideal employee experience:  Your people deliver products and services to your customers everyday – to deliver the ultimate customer experience your employee experience must be ideal too: unleashing productivity in daily work, unbiased communications to promote diversity & inclusion and employee well-being.
  • Manage an agile workforce:  How will you respond to external and internal pressures?   How can you anticipate and shift to workforce needs based on changing environments, locations, market conditions, social and competitive pressures, shifting customer preferences, and governmental regulations?
  • Build an organisation for the future:  What is your multi-year workforce talent plan to achieve your organisation’s long-term strategic objectives?