SAUG Launches New Academic Membership


Who Is the SAP Australian User Group (SAUG)?



The SAUG is an independent not-for-profit industry association that provides information, networking and advocacy for SAP customers and professionals .

With a member base of over 4,500 individuals from 500+ companies, the SAUG is the ONLY SAP-endorsed user group in Australia.

What Is the SAUG Academic Membership?

The SAUG Academic Membership is a new initiative launched by the SAP Australian User Group in response to a common theme expressed by SAP and its partners... scarcity of new talent in the industry.

The SAUG has established the Academic Membership to engage students in the early stages of their career, while studying SAP related courses. The Academic Membership establishes a relationship with educational institutions who teach SAP and related courses. Through this relationship students will receive numerous benefits:

  • Provide exposure to the IT industry to encourage understanding of business outcomes facilitated by IT strategies
  • An opportunity to network with industry leaders and better understand how technology is evolving
  • Attendance at National Summit in Sydney
  • Unlimited access to SAUG webinars to broaden SAP knowledge
  • Unlimited access to the Member Resource library to study content from past Conferences
  • Limited access to registrations for Regional Conferences in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne
  • Limited access to Special Interest Groups (SIG), subject to SIG lead approval, to provide learning and networking opportunities

How do I take advantage of these benefits?

To get involved, all you need to do is set up a SAUG User Account under the Academic Membership of your Educational Institution.

For any queries or issues, contact:

Paul Baird

Member Engagement Management

SAP Australian User Group


Phone: 0414 786 649