Join the Vanguard of Defence Innovation: ANZ BizTech Defence Forum

Empowering Defence Excellence through Collaboration and Technology
Welcome to the future of defence technology collaboration in Australia and New Zealand. The ANZ BizTech Defence Forum, an initiative by the SAP Australian User Group (SAUG), is your gateway to pioneering defence technology discussions, insights, and innovations. As SAUG embarks on a journey of revitalization, we're extending a special invitation to defence professionals and industry leaders to shape the future of defence technology together.
With a legacy of fostering community and innovation, SAUG stands at the forefront of uniting technology enthusiasts and professionals. Led by CEO Karen Zwissler, with her extensive experience in defence and the public sector globally, SAUG is more than a membership organization—it's a movement towards driving real change and innovation within the SAP ecosystem and beyond.

Why Join the ANZ BizTech Defence Forum?  

Be part of an exclusive community dedicated to exploring and influencing the future of defence technology. From AI to cybersecurity, the ANZ BizTech Defence Forum offers a platform to: 

  • Connect with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. 
  • Share insights and case studies on cutting-edge technology applications. 
  • Influence the direction of SAP solutions to meet defence-specific needs.

Get Involved

Your voice matters. Join us to contribute to vibrant discussions, participate in specialized workshops, and access exclusive content tailored for the defence technology community. Whether you're looking to offer support, share your expertise, or simply learn more, there's a place for you in the ANZ BizTech Defence Forum.


Dive into a calendar of events designed to inspire and inform, from webinars with industry giants to intimate roundtable discussions on the future of defence technology. Stay ahead of the curve with the ANZ BizTech Defence Forum.



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