Artificial Intelligence is not about replacing the human mind, but complementing it

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The realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business is not a distant reality but a pulsating, vibrant present that is reshaping the corporate world as we know it.

We invite you to join us on a journey where technology, insights and strategy intertwine. Together crafting a future where business doesn't just compete but thrives and innovates.

Here at SAUG, we recognise the transformative power of AI in business, and we're thrilled to act as an impartial on this enthralling journey. Our dedicated space for Business AI is not just a repository of information; it's a dynamic, evolving hub designed to empower, enlighten, and engage businesses in navigating the AI universe.

Whether you're taking your initial steps into integrating AI into your business, or you're looking to refine and expand your existing AI initiatives, our resources, forums, and expert insights are tailored to meet you where you are, propelling you toward where you want to be.

Embark with us on a journey where your business doesn't just adapt but leads, innovates, and redefines the future.

SAUG is here to ensure that your voyage through the realms of Business AI is not just informed but insightful, ethical, and strategically aligned with your unique objectives.

Let's explore, innovate, and shape the future - together!.


This document is not merely a guide but a collaborative exploration into the transformative potential and challenges of AI across various industries and societal contexts.

In the pages of this document, we traverse through the realms of AI, exploring its transformative potential and undoubted challenges, all from a business perspective. The contains perspectives from executives, managers, employees, and broader societal implications, ensuring a holistic view that encompasses the many facets of AI in the business world.

As you delve into this document, expect to navigate through the complexities surrounding AI's transformative impact in the business world, with the aim to demystify its potential, acknowledge and address its challenges, and chart a path that aligns with our collective vision and goals.

NB : This is a living document. You can expect to see it updated with pragmatic insights and more key learnings. Please check back regularly!

SAUG AI Maturity Model

The SAUG AI Maturity Model and the accompanying Assessment Survey are designed to be your companions (a GPS if you will) on the AI journey, providing a structured pathway and a mirror to navigate and reflect upon your organization's progression in the realm of AI.

The SAUG AI Maturity Model is a thoughtfully designed framework that lays out the evolutionary path of organizations as they traverse through various stages of AI adoption and integration. From the initial stages, where AI is a novel concept, to becoming leaders who set benchmarks in AI usage. The model provides a structured visualization of the journey, offering insights into the characteristics, capabilities, and focus areas pertinent to each stage of maturity.

Download SAUG AI Maturity Model

Assessment Survey

The SAUG Assessment Survey is a tool designed to help your organization pinpoint its position on the AI maturity curve.

This comprehensive survey encompasses the key aspects of AI adoption, such as Organizational Strategy, Technical Infrastructure, Ethics, and Stakeholder Engagement, among others.

Download Assessment Survey Results to date - coming soon

Case Studies

As with all topics, seeing is believing and in this section we will be spotlighting significant case studies in the application of AI within various business processes.

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Thought Leadership

CITIC Pacific Mining - An AI Hub in Disguise.

Is SAP's AI Fog Clearing? Insights from Dr Philipp Herzig's Executive Session


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