SUGEN - SAP User Group Executive Network

The SAP User-Group Executive Network (SUGEN) was established in 2007 to foster the information exchange and best practice sharing among SAP User Groups and to coordinate the collaboration with SAP for strategic topics. It is a united network of 22 SAP User Group Communities across six continents.

The SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) is comprised of leaders from multiple global SAP User Groups. With a mission to provide a powerful, international voice, SUGEN unites regional SAP User Groups in an open, honest dialogue between members and SAP.


The mission is to be a powerful, international voice that unites regional SAP User Groups in an open, honest dialogue between members and SAP that ultimately drives the market towards excellence, innovation and success.


The charter of SUGEN is to be the Global Network of SAP User Groups that will provide a collective view of strategic issues that need to be addressed by SAP.

Core purpose

The purpose of SUGEN is to create and sustain collaborative bodies that foster the sharing of information, expertise and experience users and SAP cannot find anywhere else. SUGEN will identify strategic priorities and act on programs to advance and apply technology for greatest gain of the SAP customer community. It is fostering international market views including customers’ short and long term demand drivers, major challenges and business imperatives. Furthermore, SUGEN is guiding and inspiring SAP in delivering worldwide aligned support for the mutual benefit of the user communities and SAP.

Main deliverables

As the collective voice of SAP User Groups, SUGEN is the channel to provide SAP with a consolidated view on influence priorities. These can vary from case to case on SAP products, services or anything else from the SAP ecosystem. If applicable, charters are founded to build a task force working on a particular topic for a certain period of time. In these task forces, several members from local SAP User Groups and SAP employees engage.

In addition, SUGEN provides a method for communication among SAP User Groups and SAP. New and urgent topics from both sides can be addressed in an open dialogue. Thereby, it assures a proper documentation of the priorities.

Furthermore, the SAP User Groups who are members of SUGEN share best practices amongst each other and SAP. These best practices can focus on the organisation of the groups and different programs that are executed.