Influence SAP

SAUG members have access to a number of opportunities and initiatives to influence SAP including enhancing or improving current products and shaping future products and SAP product development.

Influence SAP Initiatives:

SAP Customer Connection Program & Continuous Influencing

  • Both programs give customers the opportunity to request incremental and targeted enhancements and improvements to existing SAP products and solutions
  • Customer Connection is for on-premise solutions in mainstream maintenance – the program offers targeted projects for specific areas where improvement requests can be submitted
  • Continuous Influencing is for newer (mainly Cloud based) solutions and allows for continuous collection and delivery of requests
  • SAUG regularly notifies members and specific SIGs about upcoming projects and the outcomes of significant solution, LoB or Industry projects
  • SAP Customer Influence Website

Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI)

  • This global initiative runs three times per year and allows SAUG members to influence and shape future SAP solutions and products
  • Numerous projects covering many SAP solutions, industries and functional areas are covered
  • Benefit by collaborating with your global peers and SAP developers and also having a look at upcoming solutions
  • There are no obligations or costs for participants
  • CEI Information Website - how to register and more details

SAUG Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

  • Many SIGs have senior SAP liaison people who are happy to discuss any matters and take on board feedback
  • SIGs can submit joint requests for the Customer Connection and Continuous Influencing programs.
  • As these programs give priority to popular requests, it increases the chances of requests being accepted by SAP
  • List of SAUG SIGS

SAUG Executive Council (SEC)

  • This is an invitation only group of the most senior executives who own the SAP relationship in an organisation
  • The SEC holds regular events which feature discussions with and direct access to senior SAP executives
  • Make sure your CIO or senior IT manager is on the SEC – check with SAUG to find out
  • For more information about the SAUG SEC click here

Being a SAUG Member offers many opportunities to provide feedback to SAP about future direction of products and strategy. There are a number of other programs and activities, coordinated by either SAUG or SAP that allow SAP customers to have their say.