Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Asset Management

This SIG will explore all aspects of Enterprise Asset Management and managing the entire lifecycle of your physical assets, including Asset Strategies, Predictive Maintenance, Mobility, new technologies such as AI, ML & IoT, SAP solutions such as Asset Manage, S/4HANA and much more. It will also be a forum for all members in asset intensive industries such as Utilities, Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing and many others to discuss, network, increase their knowledge and learn how to maximise their asset health and performance.
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Data & Analytics

The Data SIG is a group of Data practitioners, Data Scientists and those simply interested in Data as the fundamental building block of most information technology. The group will meet regularly to network, learn and share knowledge about topics such as Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Cleansing & Quality, Migration of Data and much more as determined by members.

As this is a new SIG, new members are encouraged to leave feedback on the discussion board about topics they would like discussed. For those interested in sharing your experiences at this SIG please contact the SIG Lead Dave Hartwich: dhartwich@agl.com.au
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The Financials SIG focuses on wide range of SAP Financials topics as well as other SAP topics that are relevant to the Financial line of business. Meetings feature case study presentations from other members, as well as SAP or partners, updates, expert presentations or demonstrations on topics relevant to the group. Networking and ideas sharing amongst our members is always a priority and time is allocated at each meeting to allow the group to interact in an informal environment. Join the SIG to participate in face to face and virtual meetings.
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HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll is one of the longest standing and largest SIG's meeting regularly at the SAP office in Melbourne. Presentations and discussions cover the full range of HR and payroll functionality from on-premise HR systems to SuccessFactors and cloud based HCM solutions.
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NSW Public Sector

The NSW Public Sector SIG is open to all members working for a NSW Public Sector organisation or other Public Sector Organisations. Meetings are held regularly in Sydney and allow the opportunity for NSW Public Sector organisations using SAP to come together to discuss issues and share ideas. Meetings feature case study presentations from other members, as well as SAP updates and expert presentations. There is ample opportunity for members to network and share knowledge and experiences with each other. This SIG is regularly attended by members from: Fire & Rescue NSW, Department of Finance, Department of Justice, Transport for NSW, NSW Police Force, Office of Environment & Heritage and many more.

(Please note: Unless specifically invited; SAP, Consultant or Non Public Sector members cannot attend these SIG meetings)
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Public Sector

Public Sector Organisations have faced specific challenges and disruption in recent years and the need has never been greater to transform and improve efficiency and service delivery. This is a group of members from all Federal and State Public Sector Departments and Agencies, Local Government, Higher Education, Regulated Industries and Statutory Authorities. The will meet virtually and in-person to network, learn, share knowledge and discuss new solutions, experiences, regulations and trends that affect the Public Sector.
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This is a group for all members who are using SAP S/4 HANA, starting to use S/4 HANA or even considering S/4 HANA, including administrators, developers, project managers, analysts, Financials and LoB people. S/4 HANA is shaping up to be game changing technology and with the huge interest from members to learn all they can, this group was formed so users can learn from each other, share knowledge and ideas and get answers to their questions. This is a national SIG and meetings will be held in a number of locations around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Perth and other cities. There will also be virtual meetings and events and the ability to join some meetings remotely. Members are welcome to share their experiences and stories around S/4 HANA - please contact SAUG if you are interested. Feel free to post your questions and comments on the online forum and respond to other posts or questions.
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Supply Chain & Procurement

This wide ranging SIG is a forum for members to network and discuss everything from building resilience in Supply Chains, Logistics & Planning, Manufacturing, Integrated Business Planning, new capabilities, solutions and much more. The Procurement focus area is for all users and those interested in SAP Procurement, Ariba & Business Networks, to learn, upskill, share knowledge and experiences. Join and participate in this SIG whether your focus is business, strategic or more technical and whatever your industry or sector.
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Technology & Platforms

Starting life as the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) SIG, SCP became the SAP Business Technology Platform. As well as Platforms this SIG will cover a whole range of interesting solutions, technologies and techniques including: Cloud Extensions & Integration, Cloud Migrations, Mobile Apps, Fiori Development, DevOps, Links to Data & Analytics and much more, limited only by members imagination. Discussions will range from business and strategic to deep dive technical sessions and demonstrations. Please join, give your feedback, participate and share your experiences and knowledge. All welcome.
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Transformation Skills

The Transformation Skills SIG brings together peers facing key issues encountered in transformation journeys; the need to manage change and disruption; understanding the most critical factors for SAP project success and the necessity for everyone to manage their professional and personal development. It will be a forum for members to discuss some of the most important questions in the fastest growing topic area in the SAP ecosystem. This SIG will explore:

- Organisational Change & Culture
- Dealing with Disruption & Building Resilience
- Learning and Developing Transformational skills and mindset
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Utilities & Mining Industries

This is a large and active group of members from Utilities, Energy, Water, Mining, Oil & Gas, Natural Resources, Public Sector and other highly regulated industries who network, discuss and share knowledge on a wide range of issues including SAP solutions, New Technologies, Regulations, Global Industry trends such as Sustainability, Workforce Issues and much more. All welcome.
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