SAUG Webinar: Maximising the power of connected eco-systems for better business decisions

SAUG Webinar: Maximising the power of connected eco-systems for better business decisions from SAUG on Vimeo.

Most organisations have strived to make their ERP system deliver a single source of truth, but as technology developed many have ended up with a myriad of disparate systems. Despite better connectedness, this has created several challenges, in particular around extracting and consolidating meaningful data for better decision making. Can your organisation take advantage of connected data and leverage the information that is available? Can you use AI and machine learning to improve visibility and control spend before, during and after it has happened? Can you harness all that data to negotiate more effectively with vendors and proactively locate and communicate with employees?

Join this webinar to learn how you can deploy a solution that is already connected to key suppliers and constantly builds cutting edge technology to give you actionable insights for better business decisions.

Andrew Chapman
CPA, Principal Solutions Consultant, SAP Concur

Andrew Chapman is a solutions consultant based in our Melbourne office and brings extensive knowledge to the team as a qualified accountant with over 17 years’ experience in financial systems, specialising in Financial and Management accounting with vast experience in spend management and invoicing.

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Thursday 4th April, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

4 Apr 19 2:00 PM


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