Transform through process automation

16 May 2022

In my experience driving the adoption of process automation for digital transformation across hundreds of customers around Asia, most business leaders and experts understand the benefits of process automation but all repetitively ask one question: “How do we identify use cases for process automation?”. Identification of the use case scenario is important for multiple reasons.

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Let’s carbon-date this popular concept

9 May 2022

Mass tree planting schemes have gained popularity in recent times. But because much of this enthusiasm is misdirected, the schemes often fail and some actually do more harm than good.

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Accelerate the paperless office model

2 May 2022

The future of business is paperless, and it is coming faster than anyone imagined, with the rate of automation having increased fivefold during the pandemic lockdowns.

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Are you thriving? Or just surviving?

26 April 2022

As organizations overcome the challenges in front of them, they can always count on new ones emerging to test their business systems and growth. But the one thing that consistently separates those that thrive from those that just survive is the ability to rapidly pivot and evolve business processes by using robust planning and analysis.

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Time to pursue that high-quality job

19 April 2022

Now is a great time to pursue that high quality job that puts technology and related business skills and interests into action. Whether you’re actively looking for a first job, a new role, a fresh challenge or a different company to work for, there’s nothing better than advice from the experts to help you chart your next step.

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