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Who is the SAP Australian User Group?

The SAP Australian User Group (SAUG) is an independent not-for-profit industry association that provides information, access and advocacy for SAP customers and professionals . With a member base of over 4,500 individuals from 500+ companies, the SAUG is the ONLY SAP-endorsed user group in Australia.

Our Vision is to be a strategic partner of the Australian SAP community to help each other achieve business goals by gaining the insights and influences required to utilise and improve SAP, and close the gap between strategy and execution.

What is the SAUG Academic Membership?

The Academic Membership Program is a new SAUG initiative designed to build and nurture the pool of available young talent skilled in SAP, IT and related IT solutions.

Australian Universities and Higher Education institutions offering SAP (or other relevant) courses, will be invited to join the SAUG as an Academic Member.

The University will socialise information regarding membership to the selected student cohort. All students studying relevant courses are invited to join SAUG under the University's Academic Membership. Through their membership the students will gain exposure to the SAP eco-system and access to SAUG member benefits with the objective of nurturing their enthusiasm for the industry.

The Program will also convey the value of SAUG membership, and encourage students to continue their membership after graduation.

What Are The Benefits of the SAUG Academic Membership?

  • Students gain exposure to the IT industry and experience invaluable networking opportunities.

  • Students will be entitled to unlimited access to SAUG webinars to broaden SAP knowledge. Webinars hosted by SAUG cover industry relevant and topical subject areas.

  • Students will be entitled to unlimited access to the SAUG Member Resource library. The library contains relevant and topical documentation including slide decks from conference presenters, industry white papers, product roadmaps and more.

  • Each University holding an Academic Membership will have access to a limited number of registrations for SAUG Regional Conferences (Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne). Additional registrations may be purchased to allow further student collaboration and networking opportunities with SAP leaders and users.

  • Access to SAUG Member Discounts for the SAUG National Summit. This is the SAUG flagship event that has gained the reputation as the premier SAP-related event in Australia. The SAUG Summit features a fabulous blend of customer case studies, workshops, demonstrations, SAP expert speakers, Customer panels and more.

  • Students will have limited access to SAUG Special Interest Groups (SIG) subject to SIG Lead approval. These meetings offer a great networking occasion for students along with unparalleled opportunity to learn from industry practitioners and experts. Attendance is limited to 2 per institution per meeting (max 6 student attendees across all universities - offered on a first-come first-served basis)

  • Access to the $600/year SAUG Academic Award.

  • Each University may have an unlimited number of user accounts (student accounts) set up under their membership

How Does The Academic Membership Work?

1. The University becomes a SAUG Academic Member

2. All students currently studying an SAP (or related) course may set up a SAUG User Account under the Universities’ membership

3. Students may enjoy the benefits of membership

For more information about the SAUG Academic Membership refer to the following two documents:

To Register Your Interest in SAUG Academic Membership


Paul Baird
Member Engagement Manager and Program Manager
SAP Australian User Group (SAUG)

M: +61 414 786 649