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Corporate Associate - Complimentary Membership - Invitation Only

Corporate Membership for organisations who are users of the SAP product

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The SAP Australian User Group offers new customers and end users of SAP the opportunity to take advantage of a complimentary six month trial membership. This means you and your team can start networking with other SAP professionals and experiencing member benefits immediately.

Who We Are

SAUG is an independent non-profit organisation that represents the Australian SAP customer and partner ecosystem. Our events and efforts are aimed at providing a communication medium that allows SAP users in Australia to effectively and collectively communicate with SAP. With an emphasis on customer needs, SAUG provides a unified voice to influence SAP and enables the community to leverage SAP for success.

With a membership base of over 4,000 individuals from 400 + companies, SAUG gathers 28 active Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that convene approximately 60 meetings a year. Members include market-leading small businesses, significant public and private sector organisations/associations and some of Australia’s largest companies.

Our goals

  • The exchange of knowledge and experience, networking and influence, through organised workshops, conferences and interest groups
  • Create high-quality networking activities
  • Increase users' knowledge of SAP and contribute to an increased ROI from the use of SAP systems
  • Participate in international meetings and meet other SAP unions
  • Support initiatives that will influence SAP in a beneficial way for the demands of the users, including the proposal of system development requests.

Complimentary Membership Benefits

  • Up to 2 attendees from the membership organisation to any SAUG Regional Conference at no charge (paid membership includes 6 attendees to each)
  • Attendance at SAUG Summit at discounted membership rates (if staged within your trial period)
  • Access to all Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Access to the SAUG User Discussion Forum
  • Unlimited user accounts on the SAUG website
  • Access to media / presentations from past events
  • Free participation in all SAUG webcasts
  • Membership to the SAUG Executive Council (SEC) - membership restricted to C-level, VP or Director level participation only
  • Access to collective influence of future SAP Product Developments

SAUG membership is for EVERYONE who uses SAP products and services. Being part of this group affords you and your business access to important news, events, and opportunities within the SAP ecosystem

  • Join a community of professionals with common business interests and experience
  • Develop your SAP skills with access to an informative and diverse calendar of networking events throughout the year
  • Attend meetings and conferences with informative talks from colleagues and key industry professionals who are leaders in their fields
  • Become a strategic influencer within the Australian SAP community and help to achieve your business goals by gaining the insights and influences required to utilise SAP, and close the gap between strategy and execution
  • Access collaboration with groups and organisations of SAP users from all over the world
  • Share knowledge among the community, gain access to first-hand news, exchange solutions and build a valuable network.

Limitations of Complimentary Membership

  • No access to research reports from leading Universities and other established sources
  • No ASUG membership – a value of $4,000 U.S.
  • No opportunities to raise your company’s profile through leadership positions within SAUG, including SIG’s leadership
  • No SAUG member discounts on popular SAP publications
  • No voting rights at SAUG AGM


  • By invitation only - Complimentary Code required.
  • Customers can only take one complimentary membership every three years.
  • If a previous SAUG member, the membership must have been three years or more previously.

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