Why is Infinite Game theory important to how you manage your SAP Systems? Find Out!

Join us on Tuesday 14th September from 10AM - 11AM, for our upcoming Transformation SIG Meeting to find out why Infinite Game Theory is important in the way you manage your SAP Systems.

This Special Interest Group meets to discuss and learn about a wide and diverse range of topics and key issues encountered in transformation journeys, the need to manage change and disruption, Leadership, understanding the critical factors for SAP project success and the skills necessary for professional and personal development. All SAUG Members are welcome.

Along with the important learning, great knowledge sharing, insightful discussions and networking, this SIG scheduled meeting will feature:

  • Customer Thought Leader Presentation: Infinite Game Theory for SAP Project Success presented by our customer guest presenter: Joseph Ling, Manager Finance Projects, ANZ Wealth
    Infinite Game Theory is based around thinking that business is a continual and changing journey with many changing and unknown variables. By embracing Infinite Game concepts, it is believed that organisations can become stronger and more resilient. In this fascinating presentation, Joseph will discuss what is an Infinite Game and why is it important to how you manage your SAP system? He will also explore how you can develop an infinite mind-set, and how it can affect the success of your future projects, including SAP projects.

  • Expert Presentation & SAP Update

  • Q&A, discussions, updates and more

Our Guest Speaker for the event is:

Joseph Ling
Manager Finance Projects
ANZ Wealth

Register HERE

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