Solve your SAP data security challenges PLUS comply with data privacy legislation.

Join us on Thurs 16th September for our upcoming Solution Series Webinar Event, where Daniel Parker from EPI-USE Labs will share how you can bullet proof your sensitive SAP data.

Security attacks and breaches of sensitive personal and business data are some of the most alarming threats to organisations. Non-production data within SAP systems is accessed by employees as well as outsourced SAP companies. SAP data masking is therefore essential to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of this sensitive data. This session will give you an in-depth look at Data Secure™, a comprehensive protection solution that comes with pre-defined masking rules to help you solve your SAP data security challenges and comply with data privacy legislation.

Learn how with Data Secure your organisation can:

  • Proactively protect and secure your data
  • Manage compliance, and address the challenges of protecting sensitive data
  • Customise and anonymise sensitive data
  • Apply best practices in security and compliance

We hope you can join us for this increibly valuable session.

Register HERE

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