Move to Cloud ERP - A Practical Guide

SAP is launching a new Move to Cloud ERP Transformation webcast series. Free-of-charge and led by renowned SAP experts and selected customers, this series provides a comprehensive overview of why the Cloud ERP transformation is essential for companies, how it can be successfully implemented, and what support is available to accelerate this journey. Aimed at both business and IT professionals, as well as decision makers and project members, the series offers valuable knowledge and practical insights to drive successful transformation projects (including Data, System, Process and People as part of the transformation journey).

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The series is structured in three parts:

  • Part 1 - Why Transform: Gain insights into why companies are embracing transformation and how Cloud ERP can fulfill future business needs.
  • Part 2 - Strategic Choices: Amass the knowledge to make strategic decisions to identify the ideal transition path for your organization.
  • Part 3 - Project Execution: Explore key areas to focus on during project
    (1) preparation, (2) implementation, and (3) continuous improvement, coupled with the tools and services that will aid your journey.

Register now to acquire:

  • A holistic understanding of your transformation to Cloud ERP
  • Strategic insights to plot your organization’s unique path to success
  • Practical knowledge on project execution from recognized SAP experts

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