Deeper Regional Ties for SAUG and SAP ANZ

By Karen Zwissler, CEO of SAUG

As the calendar clicks over into May, we see the Australian Autumn bringing changes to our beautiful island. We are also seeing a re-energised commitment between SAUG and SAP, marked by significant leadership changes at SAP ANZ and a new strategy for regional engagement.

With Angela Colantuono (pictured) firmly at the helm as the new President and Managing Director for SAP Australiaand New Zealand, we are set to strengthen our ties and enhance our collaborative efforts across the region.

A Leadership Vision for Regional Empowerment

Angela's appointment and her strategic decision to appoint dedicated regional leaders is a testament to SAP's recognition of the unique challenges and opportunities within different territories. Katherine Love, Craig Graham, and Mandy Osnabrugge are now leading Queensland, New South Wales + ACT, and Victoria + Western and Southern States, respectively.

Their extensive experience and deep understanding of local markets will be key as we aim to forge stronger, more intimate connections across the regions.

Their roles are designed not just to lead SAP, but to foster closer relationships with SAUG and our members, ensuring that SAP's strategies and solutions are as responsive and relevant as possible.

Why Regional Focus Matters

This renewed focus on regional leadership is crucial. It signifies a deeper understanding by SAP of the pivotal role that SAUG plays not only as a conduit for communication between SAP and its clients but also as a critical influencer in the SAP ecosystem.

By aligning SAP's leadership directly with SAUG's forums and executive committees regionally, we ensure that the insights and feedback from our members drive real impact.

The Role of SAUG in Nurturing Regional Connections

As SAUG's CEO, I am particularly excited about this development. It opens new pathways for our members to engage directly with decision-makers who are not only familiar with the local landscape, but also have the authority to act upon the insights and needs expressed by our community.

This closer engagement will enable us to tailor our advocacy and support more precisely, enhancing still further the value we deliver to our members.

Building on Strong Foundations

Our initial engagements this year, the vibrant start we had in Canberra, and especially in Brisbane this week, showed us the potential of what can be achieved with committed regional leadership.

Angela's commitment to continuing this momentum is a clear signal that SAP values our partnership and is eager to see it grow stronger.

A Call to Action for Our Members

To our members, this development offers a chance to influence SAP's regional strategies directly. I encourage you to actively participate in the forums and initiatives led by our new regional counterparts.

This is your platform to share your experiences, challenges, and ideas, ensuring that the solutions SAP develops are not only innovative but also perfectly attuned to your needs.

Forward Together

As we move forward into this exciting new chapter, I am confident that these closer, more intimate regional relationships will bring benefits for all involved. For our members, for SAP, and for the broader ecosystem: Let's embrace this opportunity to make our voices heard and shape the future of our industry together.

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