Hyperautomation master guide for 2022

17 January 2022

In the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of engaging with numerous colleagues and customers across the Asia region to assist, automate and streamline business processes. In this column, we’ll cover points to optimise and automate your or your customers' business process.

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The next phase in digital maturity

10 January 2022

For most companies, cloud adoption represents an early milestone in their path to becoming an intelligent enterprise. Now, looking back on the last two years, we can see that it also laid the foundation for accelerated digital transformation, where years of process changes had to be squeezed into a matter of months. But instead of pure innovation, the driver behind all this change was surviving pandemic-induced disruption in market conditions, supply chains, employee work arrangements, and more.

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Digital shift shaping the future

20 December 2021

India’s midmarket segment, acknowledged to have been hardest hit during the pandemic, is investing heavily in digital transformation to reinforce its collective role as one of the major growth engines of the national economy.

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A new 'Horizon' for SAP Fiori

13 December 2021

Led by our new Chief Design Officer Benedikt Lehnert, we are transforming our design and development culture here at SAP, to focus even more strongly on helping people get their work done faster, more easily, and with better outcomes. If you haven't already read about it, then do read his blog post on The Experience Mindset.

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Empowering employees to drive change

6 December 2021

Almost six months into my new role heading up the Global Commercial Finance team of 650 people across all SAP markets, I’d say that empowering employees to drive change is an important element on the path to intelligent finance. Our mandate, like that of so many other businesses today needing to pivot to new commercial models, is not just to increase our efficiency and effectiveness, but to better deploy our scarce resources to support the growth ambitions of the company.

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