CITIC Pacific Mining: An A.I hub in disguise.

27 May 2024

It's fair to say that most mine sites would not seem, at first glance, to be A.I or Machine Learning hubs. When I conjure up an image of a West Australian mine site, I think of a huge, hot dusty hole in the ground filled with burly blokes and big machinery. About as far from the image of savvy young tech AI entrepreneurs that the socials espouse. CITIC Pacific Mining explodes that vision. Hiding its AI credentials in plain sight.

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Deeper Regional Ties for SAUG and SAP ANZ

10 May 2024

As the calendar clicks over into May, we see the Australian Autumn bringing changes to our beautiful island. We are also seeing a re-energised commitment between SAUG and SAP, marked by significant leadership changes at SAP ANZ and a new strategy for regional engagement.

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SAP Free Webinars: RISE SAP for Me

6 May 2024

Join our webinars: Introduction to SAP for ME & RISE into the Future - new methodology

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An AI Conversation with Mian Ahmad

19 April 2024

Imagine yourself at an amusement park. You've joined a queue for an exciting ride, only to see an adjacent queue start moving faster. You feel a strange mix of emotions. Anticipation for the thrill of the ride. Irritation that you might be getting left behind. In conversation with Mian Ahmad, CIO of Rheem Australia last week, he shared that similar emotions are being felt in boardrooms across the nation when it comes to AI.

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Welcome Sevda Agkoc to the team

18 April 2024

We are delighted to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Sevda Agkoc, who has joined SAUG as Membership Coordinator. Sevda brings a vibrant mix of enthusiasm and expertise to our community, and we are excited to have her onboard.

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