COVID-19 Connected Series: How SAP SuccessFactors can support your organisation's transition to remote working

This enforced period of self isolation is bringing unprecedented challenges around working remotely or managing remote workforces. Many of us have seen numerous, often similar tips and hints but what are the real insights and best practices from the best organisations that can make a real difference?

Join us for the second session in our COVID-19 Connected series of short, concise webinars, where we are thrilled to have with us a renowned expert in this area: Marc Havercroft, Global Chief Customer Officer, SAP SuccessFactors and Fellow & Council Member of Australian Human Resources Institute. Marc will be sharing his experience and invaluable insights into:

  • Best practices for transitioning to remote working
  • What you must know to successfully manage remote workforces
  • Understanding remote worker sentiments and why it matters
  • Recruitment & Talent Management in extraordinary times
  • People and technology interplay
  • How SAP SuccessFactors can assist with free offers and special solutions

Marc Havercroft
Global Chief Customer Officer
SAP SuccessFactors

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Event details

Tuesday April 14, 2020, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

14 Apr 20 9:00 AM


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