COVID-19 Connected Series: What does a return to “normal” look like?

As organisations start to plan for a gradual return to “normal” working conditions including a return to working from offices, there are many policies, procedures and as yet unanswered questions that must be addressed. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, SAP has attracted praise for its quick, comprehensive, some would say best practice response in its communication and engagement with customers and employees to ensure safety and business continuity. We are therefore delighted to invite you to a discussion with the Head of SAP’s ANZ COVID-19 Taskforce (and Chief Financial Officer, SAP ANZ) Gina McNamara, who will be sharing her insights into SAP’s planning for a return to on-site working, policies, protocols and best practice considerations, including takeaway advice for all organisations. She will also discuss what this means for all SAP customers.

Gina will be joined by John Dawson, Head of Maintenance Go to Market, SAP ANZ, who will be discussing changes to SAP maintenance, including special customer exemptions, and the new approach to maintenance.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions so don’t miss this informative session, in our COVID-19 Connected series of short, concise virtual discussion sessions.

Gina McNamara
Head of SAP ANZ's COVID-19 Taskforce | Chief Financial Officer
John Dawson
Head of Maintenance Go To Market

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Wednesday June 10, 2020, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

10 Jun 20 9:30 AM


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