June Finance SIG Four: A journey through time with SAP to S/4HANA – forces that might be shaping your strategy (whether you know it or not)

This is the 4th session of the the June Finance SIG 4 part series. An aim of this SIG session is to give a non-technical view of why today is different to yesterday in the world of business and finance systems. There will also be discussion around some key and overriding concepts including:

  • What exactly is the intelligent enterprise? Is it just the new buzzword for what we already know?
  • What’s different (if anything) and how does SAP’s S/4HANA contribute to you being more competitive in your business?

Don't miss this fascinating and thought provoking discussion to finish this series of Finance SIGs.

Guest presenters:

Allan Johnson
Solution Advisor & Financials Thought Leader
Girish Muzumdar
Solutions Architect & Presales Director
CCH Tagetik

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Event details

Tuesday June 23, 2020, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

23 Jun 20 9:00 AM


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