SAUG Executive Council Meeting | March 2017

Just announced: Mark Ferrer, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Global Customer Operations, SAP SE will be joining this meeting to answer your questions!

The next SAUG Executive Council Meeting will feature high level, strategic customer presentations, SAP expert presentations on key topics such as UX and the SAP Q&A session where senior SAP Executives will attempt to answer the most pressing questions put forward by the Executive Council members. Download the agenda here.

This event is only open to members of the SAUG Executive Council.

Please register in the state where you will attend in person. Sydney and Melbourne are the main locations, with speakers presenting from both sites, however we will have locations available in Brisbane and Canberra.

Level 7, 168 Walker Street
North Sydney
(Event will commence at 8.30AM local time)

Level 15, 484 St Kilda Rd
(Event will commence at 8.30AM local time)

Level 20, 140 Creek Street
(Event will commence at 7.30AM local time)

This is a live, on-site video conference event. Therefore, we are unable to offer separate dial-in details for those unable to attend one of the locations.

Not a member of the SAUG Executive Council?

SAUG encourages all Ordinary member organisations to have a representative on the Executive Council.

Please fill in the application form to become a member of the SAUG Executive Council. Only SAUG Ordinary member companies are eligible to apply. All applications are subject to approval by the SAUG Executive Steering Committee.

For further information about the SAUG Executive Council, please refer to the SEC overview.

Event details

Thursday 23 March, 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

14 Mar 17 4:00 PM


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