SAUG Finance SIG September #1: Ensuring Cash and Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

Join us for the 1st session in our September 3 part Financial SIG series. With such an abrupt global downturn of the economy, forecasting cash flows, tightly managing liquidity, controlling costs & balancing financial risks have never been more important.The discussion for this SIG will focus on:

Cash flow forecasting and managing financial risks

  • Quickly generate central Cash Flow Forecasts and maintain liquidity
  • Move cash around to support affected areas of the business
  • Tap into broader working capital across the company

Cost control, reporting and improving visibility - full spend management

Traditionally accountants use seasonally adjusted date to budget, forecast and report. This month against last year, plus or minus. But with COVID-19 and a rapidly changing economy we can no longer rely of historical data to manage our business. Last year’s figures could be useless in forecasting this month results. This discussion will focus on:

  • Why a spend management platform is important so you can see exactly every invoice or expense as it happens
  • Managing and reporting - know where and when people are spending and feed that information directly into your cashflow and forecasts
  • Having up to date information on how your business is spending money today

Guest Speakers for this SIG include:

Kate Erwin
Senior Presales Consultant
SAP Concur
Mike Vorias
Regional Director, Office of CFO Solutions , Asia Pacific & Japan

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Event details

Tuesday September 8, 2020, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

8 Sep 20 9:00 AM


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