SAUG Solutions Series: A Good Employee Experience Pays Off in Challenging Times

*Please Note Date Change to August 24*

During times of business disruption, the quality of everyday employee experiences can play a big role in your organisation’s ability to survive and thrive – whether people work at home or the office. According to a Gallup survey, creating exceptional employee experiences can result in 17% higher productivity and 24% lower turnover.

So what’s the best way to improve your employee experience?

According to Forrester Research, one way is to eliminate onerous, manual processes that not only distract employees from what’s most important, but also add to their frustration and stress. Some 63% of finance, IT, and HR decision-makers surveyed said that travel and expense (T&E) management is a key place to focus improvements. The right intelligent technologies can eliminate paper and manual data entry, feed data directly into finance systems, automatically apply spend controls, capture receipt photos, let employees use GPS tracking for mileage, and automatically categorise expenses in paperless reports. Even invoice management can be automated and free finance staff to work efficiently from anywhere and get full control over employee spending.

Want to learn more? This webinar will demonstrate how you can improve employee experience, what to look for in T&E and invoice tools and how to avoid choosing technology that frustrates your employees as well as include customer success stories and a short demo

Tom Marland
Principle Solutions Consultant
SAP Concur

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Monday August 24, 2020, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

24 Aug 20 10:00 AM


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