SAUG Solutions Series: Simplifying Accounts Payable Management Amid a Growing Remote Workforce

Join us on this live webinar where we’ll take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities increasingly being faced by finance departments. We’ll explore how to fast track the automation of your accounts payable processes to address decentralised manual invoice processes, the recent transition to a dispersed workforce, cash flow pressure and economic downturn.

The session covers how you can achieve the following outcomes for your organisation:

  • Increase visibility into cash flow and your entire spend to enable cost control
  • Rapid transition to electronic automated processes to improve efficiencies in a virtual environment
  • Reduce admin and consolidate the invoice process, no matter where your staff are located
  • Fully digitise your current vendor invoice process to get rid of the paperwork, manual entry, errors, and speed up approvals
  • Enable ability to extend credit through loans and additional credit card purchases
  • Bring reliable and realistic figures for your end of month processing and forecasting
  • Seamless user experience that will lead to cost savings while maintaining control and governance
  • See a quick demonstration of the end-to-end solution
Andrew Chapman, CPA
Head of the SAP Concur Solutions Consulting team in Australia and New Zealand
SAP Concur

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Event details

Tuesday May 26, 2020, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

26 May 20 11:59 PM


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