SAUG Webinar: Best practise system management for HANA

SAUG Webinar: Best practise system management for HANA

SAUG Optimisation Webinar - Best practise system management for HANA

​Thursday 5th November - 4:00pm

Implementing SAP HANA comes with a significant price tag. HANA also has specific management criteria and requires specialised care during both the implementation and development phase and throughout its operational lifecycle. This webinar will present international best practices on managing HANA environments, to help you get the most from your HANA investment and gain competitive advantage for your organisation. Our international expert presenter will discuss:

  • HANA system management from implementation through to use – what you need to know
  • What can badly compromise your HANA system performance and ensuring optimised performance through measures including well designed SQL queries and implementing delta merges
  • The syslink Xandria tool (which was the first system management tool to be certified globally for SAP HANA) and how it can help you get the best from HANA

Presented by international expert Jean-Luc Bauer, Managing Consultant, syslink (Switzerland) - one of the first people globally to implement HANA in a very large scale environment.

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5th November 2015, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

5 Nov 15 11:59 PM


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