SAUG Webinar: Optimising HANA - make it faster, cheaper & easier to manage!

Optimising HANA – make it faster, cheaper & easier to manage!

The connection between HANA and storage is poorly understood but get it wrong and your HANA project will take longer to implement, run slower and cost more to run and manage. This webinar will show you the critical steps to an optimal HANA system. It will show you:

  • Better storage options for HANA
  • HANA Dynamic Tiering
  • Copy/ clone refresh
  • How to store larger data sets in HANA
  • Running HANA faster and simpler
  • Ways to lower costs and gain greater insights and business value from HANA

Presented by:

John Karagozian, Global SAP Manager, Pure Storage (United States)

With over 25 years in the technology space, John has helped thousands of organisations lower TCO, improve efficiencies and performance and optimise their SAP performance.

This webinar proudly supported by Pure Storage

Event details

27 Apr 17, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

26 Apr 17 11:55 PM


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