SAUG Webinar: Optimising Performance - Business Process Automation for S/4HANA

SAUG Webinar: Optimising Performance - Business Process Automation for S/4HANA

Thursday 5th May - 2:00pm AEST (Sydney)

SAP technology has crossed many historical milestones. Initially, it included individual transactional systems and a separate analytical database for business intelligence but SAP HANA changed that, delivering real-time applications on a single in-memory platform.

Now, the SAP enterprise is even more streamlined with the simplicity of S/4HANA. Throughout this history, complex business processes, including manual tasks and technologies outside of SAP, require coordination for top performance. This presentation will show you how SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood can orchestrate the execution of business processes across the enterprise to get the best performance from S/4HANA and support the in-memory advantage. Connect people, applications and software and more easily adapt to changing customer and market demands.

Presented by international expert Dan Segura, Solutions Architect, Redwood Software (USA)

Dan is responsible for identifying, developing, validating and implementing new strategic process automation solutions. Dan works closely with customers in every industry to create practical and powerful automation architecture. Dan has more than 10 years of experience in IT solutions development with SAP, EMC Software, Lawson Infor and Redwood.

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Thursday 5 May, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

6 May 16 11:59 PM


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