SAUG Webinar: Overcome Common SAP Licensing Pitfalls in APAC

SAUG Webinar: Overcome Common SAP Licensing Pitfalls in APAC from SAUG on Vimeo.

While many businesses globally run SAP software, the cost and complexity of software licensing can be significant. Although the data required to manage the SAP landscape is available natively, the task to pull that data together in a consolidated view can be laborious, time consuming, and often prone to error — especially when businesses rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to gain visibility into their software landscape.

Attend this webinar to hear from two different perspectives — a former SAP license auditor and a previous SAP customer — on what maintaining SAP licensing entails. A live Q&A discussion will follow the opening remarks.

Topics include:

  • Keeping up with changes to SAP licensing, such as to digital or indirect access
  • Achieving higher levels of efficiency through automation
  • Maximizing the value of investments in SAP software

Telma Rafael
Global SME - SAP, Snow Software

Telma Rafael is an experienced SAP professional with over 6 years of specialization in SAP licensing and contract negotiation. Telma has helped a number of customers across multiple industries gain better understanding of their SAP environments and to get back control of their SAP spend. In the past, Telma worked for SAP as a SAP Global License Auditor, obtaining an insider’s view of SAP contracts, licensing and processes.

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7 Nov 19, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

7 Nov 19 9:30 AM


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