SAUG Webinar: SAP Data Security

SAP Data Security: how safe are your systems?

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How safe is your SAP data? Are you compliant? 50% of data theft comes from internal sources so it is no longer enough to rely on firewalls and access controls saving you from attack. Your SAP systems are more exposed than ever.

Research shows that
95% of SAP systems remain a target for cybercriminals.

Find out more about cyber threats, internal breaches and how to protect your SAP systems during this 50 min webinar. Paul Hammersley, EPI-USE Labs’ VP of Landscape and Data Services will explain more about:

  • The increased risk of hacks on SAP systems
  • The threat of cybercriminals and internal breaches
  • How to secure SAP non-production environments
  • How to become data protection compliant

Presented by: PAUL HAMMERSLEY, VP, Landscape and Data Services, EPI-USE Labs Paul's portfolio includes System Landscape Optimization and he has accumulated matchless, hands-on experience in the implementation of Data Secure and helping clients manage and protect their data across their SAP landscape.

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Wednesday 29 March, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

29 Mar 17 11:00 AM


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