Consultant Member

Open to any organisation, which in the opinion of the Committee is associated with the use of SAP products in a professional capacity.

Membership Inclusions:

  • Up to 2 attendees from the membership organisation to any SAUG conference at no charge (unless exhibiting or speaking)
  • Attendance and sponsorship opportunities for the annual national event (the SAUG National Summit) at heavily discounted membership rates
  • May participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) free of charge, unless membership restrictions apply
  • Unlimited access to the SAUG website for employees of the member organisation



  • No voting rights at SAUG AGM
  • Maximum of two attendees at any free SAUG event (unless exhibiting or presenting at the event) whereby you may be entitled to additional entries.
  • Cannot lead a SIG, but can assist
  • No access to member search facilities or member posts on the SAUG website

Period: 8 Aug 20 to 8 Aug 21

Cost: $2,360.00 (GST inclusive)