Diary Date: Webinar - Replatforming in the Cloud & Beyond

3 Apr 18

Join this SAUG webinar to discover how the digital economy is driving enterprises to rapidly re-platform their environments. This webinar will explore what this means for organisations running SAP applications, specifically those contemplating the move from ‘On-Prem’ to ‘On-Prem in the Cloud’ and the gold that lies beyond the lift and shift. Presented by the experts at DXC Oxygen, this session will cover:

  • Re-platforming in the cloud - This year we expect to see an aggressive move to common or public IT platforms, such as AWS, Azure, Google and others.
  • What’s driving the move? - These common platforms allow you to respond to market changes faster, be more productive and make better-informed decisions
  • What flavour cloud? - There are a lot of options to consider, based on your immediate needs and strategic goals. The choice of cloud over on-premise does not have to be black and white. We look at the advantages of adopting a hybrid model, the so-called “SAP on-premise in the cloud” scenario and flush out the differences between the whole range of available hosted models.
  • I’m in the cloud, what next? - It’s important to remember that the cloud it is not an end in itself, but a deployment method for triggering innovation and business agility. Learn about how to make the most of all benefits to drive innovation, velocity and agility.

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