How Resilient are You?

18 May 20

What is resilience? Why is it critical for everyone in any position, at any age,  at any life stage and why do we need to focus on resilience in a comprehensive and holistic way?

Find out in our upcoming COVID-19 Connected Series session on Monday May 25 from 10:00AM to 10:30AM.  In this session we're thrilled to have with us SAUG Member and volunteer Data SIG Lead, Dave Hartwich, Service Delivery Manager from AGL. 

Dave wil be drawing on personal experience and the innovative work at AGL to help us understand resilience. The discussion will include:

  • Why resilience is so important in this crisis and for the return to “normal”
  • A fundamental understanding of resilience and the neuroscience behind resilience
  • Introducing and ‘unpacking’ the six Domains of Resilience in relation to individual goal setting, personal vision and goals
  • Emotional composure, stress management and physical health
  • Problem solving, change readiness, tenacity and persistence,
  • Collaboration and networking

This webinar is open to SAUG members only, be sure to log into the website to register. Join us for what will be a very interesting session.

Register HERE