Indirect Access Update: new SAP sales, audit and pricing model

12 Apr 18

Over the past two years, the Licensing and Auditing Charter team of  SUGEN, representing 21 independent SAP User Groups globally; has been working with SAP to resolve customer concerns and issues relating to indirect licensing. This team  provided feedback to SAP on this subject, and held discussions and workshops to find solutions to customer concerns; where key areas of focus were predictability, transparency, consistency, and fairness. This collaboration has culminated in SAP SE last night issuing a Press Release announcing the release of a new sales, audit and pricing model for its Digital Access licensing policies (Indirect Access).

The new model is intended to make it easier and more transparent for customers to use and pay for SAP software licenses. The SAP announcement covers:

  • The New Pricing Model and 
  • The Clear Separation of License Sales from Audit and Compliance

Full details of the above, the timeline, and additional information including links to the following three documents:

  • Indirect Access Guide for SAP Installed Base Customers
  • SAP ERP Pricing for the Digital Age: Addressing Indirect/Digital Access
  • SAP Global License Audit and Compliance Update

can be found HERE

In the Press Release, SAP explains how the new pricing model has been driven by unprecedented collaboration with user groups, customers, partners and industry analysts.  To read a Press Release from SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network) about these new changes CLICK HERE

We would love to hear your thoughts on this latest development. Do you believe these changes will improve the clarity and transparency around Indirect Access licensing? How will these changes impact your organisation? What concerns if any do you have? Do you have any feedback and /or questions you would like to pass on to SAP?  

If so please contact us on  We will be sure to keep you updated on any further developments.