Introducing John Tyler | NSW Public Sector SIG Lead

21 Feb 17

John Tyler from the Office of Environment & Heritage NSW is the SIG Lead of our NSW Public Sector SIG. 

> Who can join the NSW Public Sector SIG? 

Any member of a NSW Government Agency. We also allow attendance from Local or Federal government agencies.

> What do you hope this SIG will achieve?

The aim of this SIG is to share information between NSW Government agencies, and build a network of SAP professionals in the NSW Government. We also aim to collaboratively work on solutions that all NSW Government agencies must implement. There are also some common suppliers to government and collectively we can present a united front in dealing with these suppliers.

> What are some key topics or themes that you are aiming to discuss in 2017? 

Whole of government solutions such as Contractor Central and the treasury PRIME system. I am also interested in canvassing ideas from other SIG members.

> Why were you  interested in becoming the SIG Lead for this group?

Several years ago I was the lead for this SIG. In recent years this SIG has been dormant and there have been NSW Government wide initiatives that each individual agency has implemented in their own way. This re-inventing of the wheel is inefficient in both time and effort, and by collaborating on such projects, a better solution is often achieved than any agency could do independently, and with much less time and effort.

> Do you have any upcoming meetings that you would like members to attend?

The first meeting will take place on 28 February. SAUG members can join this SIG on the SAUG website.


For more information contact John at or meet him at this year’s SAUG Canberra Conference.