Learn More About SAP's Schedule An Expert

17 Apr 18

Schedule an Expert is ideal if you:

  • Would prefer a live conversation with a support expert about a new incident, instead of using instant messenger, or submitting a written incident. Sometimes it is easier to discuss a problem than write about it. With clearer communications, this can help reduce ping-pong.
  • Need a deeper understanding of what caused an incident, so you can prevent it from happening again. Since Schedule an Expert requires a minimum of three days to book, support engineers have more time to learn about root causes. Then, during your session, they can share the information with you, so you can avoid the problem in the future. 
  • Want to further reduce ping-pong. With traditional written incidents, there are often queueing times that cause more delays between asking for, and receiving information. schedule and Expert has 52 percent fewer communications than these interactions. And because support sends you a list of key items that they need before your call, there is less correspondence back and forth.
  • Need other colleagues or partners with you on your call with support. You can book a time that fits your team’s schedule.

Note: Schedule an Expert requires a minimum of three days to book, and is not a consulting service. To learn the differences between support and consulting, please go here.

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