Medibank's Travers Stow speaking at upcoming SEC Meeting

20 Jan 17


Travers Stow, Project Director, Medibank

Medibank has embarked on a large transformation project, with SAP S/4HANA at its core, to integrate separate SAP systems into a single corporate services platform.

The aim of the program initially is to give Medibank an integrated view and control over its people and procurement spend which it currently does not have. It also enables better use of the torrent of data being collected by the business and currently stored in siloed systems, better management insights and more rapid iterations in the corporate planning cycle.

Travers Stow, Project Director, Medibank will discuss this large transformation project at the next Executive Council Meeting which will be held on Thursday 23 March, 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM. This is a live, on-site video conference event. Sydney and Melbourne are the main locations, with speakers presenting from both sites, however we will have locations available in Brisbane and Canberra. 

This event is open to members of the SAUG Executive Council only so be sure to register your spot.