New Continuous Influencing Sessions for all SAP Cloud Platform

5 May 20

SAP Continuous Influence Sessions (part of Customer Influence Program) now have a new structure which ensures that the whole product area is being covered and provides opportunities for customers and partners to address related improvement requests. It also means that SAP Continuous Influence Sessions are the central feedback channel for customers into direction and development of SAP Cloud Platform. 

What do the changes mean?

Staring Apr 30th, 2020, the following 6 new SAP Continuous Influence Sessions related to the SAP Cloud Platform area will go live:

New SAP Continuous Influence Session


Covered Categories /Subtopics


SAP Cloud Platform – Integration Suite



SAP Cloud Platform – Extension Suite


ABAP Environment, Extension Factory, Event-Mesh, Cloud Application Programming Model

SAP Cloud Platform – Digital Experience


Mobile, Fiori Launchpad, Work Zone

SAP Cloud Platform – Platform Foundation


Multi-Cloud, Security Services, Continuous Integration & Development, Lifecycle Management

SAP Cloud Platform – Business Services


SAP Data Intelligence, SAP AI Business Services, SAP Conversational AI

SAP Cloud Platform – Digital Process Automation


Workflow Management, Process Visibility, Business Rules, Inbox, Process Mining by Celonis


In relationship to this change, the following sessions will be closed for further requests, also effective on the same day. 

To-be-closed SAP Continuous Influence Session


In future covered by the mentioned session below:

SAP Cloud Platform – ABAP Environment

SAP CP – Extension Suite

SAP Cloud Platform – Integration Advisor

SAP CP – Integration Suite

SAP Cloud Platform – Mobile Services

SAP CP – Digital Experience

SAP Cloud Platform – SDK for iOS

SAP CP – Digital Experience

SAP Cloud Platform – SDK for Android

SAP CP – Digital Experience

SAP Cloud Platform – Mobile Cards

SAP CP – Digital Experience

SAP Cloud Platform – Mobile Dev Kit

SAP CP – Digital Experience

All other sessions will remain as is without any changes. More information cane be found on individual project links.