RMIT Enterprise Systems - SAUG Business Prize Winner

15 Nov 16

Congratulations to Paolo Monaco, the winner of the ‘RMIT Enterprise Systems– SAP Australian User Group Business Prize’.

Congratulations on your ‘RMIT Enterprise Systems– SAP Australian User Group Business Prize’. What does this award mean to you? 

Thank you! The award reflects a lot of hard work and time spent researching and understanding the use and importance of enterprise systems in global business and how it is applied on a daily basis.  The award is a true reflection of my tutors' assistance in directing me and pushing me to submit my best work. The field of enterprise systems is of superior importance in the world of global trade, and having been able to successfully receive such an award will pay dividends for me later in my career as I can show current and potential employers, that I have a strong understanding in this field.

What are your professional goals after graduating from RMIT University?

Currently I am working in the field of global forwarding and upon my graduation from RMIT University, my plan is to continue to learn the fundamentals of international business and further pursue a career in strategic roles in the industry. There is much more to learn and experience in the world of international business, that university cannot teach you, so my plan to continue to learn the basics and pursue my own personal strategic goals and important for my development in the industry.

With Digital Transformation being a big topic in today’s fast moving business world, where do you see the future of Enterprise Systems?

I see the future of enterprise systems being the core structure for businesses, in which business processes, external negotiation and stakeholder relationships are built on. As daily operations rely heavily on enterprise systems, it must also be reflected in commercial discussions. I see more and more businesses tailor their operations and discussions based around how ‘it’ will be handled by their enterprise system. In a technology driven world, one which I was born into!, the use of enterprise systems will only grow in importance and company’s look to reduce their costs and strengthen their processes around an enterprise system. This isn’t uncommon today, particularly with systems such as SAP, where process is rigid and built upon commercial relations. Enterprise systems will only grow in importance as technology advances!