SAP Announces Extended Maintenance for SAP S/4HANA AND Business Suite 7

7 Feb 20

Following collaboration with SAP customers, user groups, partners and other industry stakeholders, SAP has announced extended maintenance plans in two key areas...A maintenance commitment for SAP S/4HANA until 2040

  • An extension of the maintenance deadline for Business Suite 7 (ERP/ECC 6.0), meaning that mainstream maintenance will continue until 2027. SAP will also offer customers a choice of how they would like to continue with the maintenance of core Business Suite 7 applications from 2028 onwards:
    • Customers needing support for their applications in longer conversion phases to SAP S/4HANA can move to extended maintenance (at 2% extra cost of existing maintenance). This will be available for three additional years, beginning at the start of 2028 and ending at the close of 2030.
    • Customers who do not decide for the extended maintenance level of support by the end of 2027 but choose to carry on with their SAP Business Suite 7 software systems will automatically be transferred to a customer-specific maintenance model.

The announcement came with a declaration of delivering on transparency and trust; and that offering support of SAP S/4HANA until 2040 was a desire to give customers the confidence to plan for the future. The additional maintenance period for Business Suite 7 is a recognition from SAP that the pace of change and the process of business transformation, will vary from customer to customer.

The full press release can be found here

We believe this is good news for SAUG Members because it provides a greater level of choice and flexibility; both for those currently planning a move to SAP S/4HANA and for those that have not yet decided to transition.

We are keen to hear your feedback on this recent announcement so that we can share these views with SAP and advocate accordingly.

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