SAP Free Product Specific Webinars

8 May 20

SAP is holding the following free solution and topic specific webinars (more will be added soon):


Description of product

Target Industries

SAP Asset Retirement Obligation

27 May @9-10am AEST

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Is an obligation to retire an asset or changes to assets according to contractual stipulation, for example, a leasing contract that gives the temporary right to use and change the leased object and requires that any changes are retired at the end of the lease.

Asset intensive industries such as natural resources (ie mining, oil and gas, chemicals, etc), telco, public sector, and some consumer products.

Product Lifecycle Costing, Engineering Control Centre, and Product Lifecycle Management

16 Jun @4-5pm AEST


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It helps in the calculation of product costs quickly and precisely. We can simulate and compare alternatives to gain better visibility and control throughout the product lifecycle. The solution can be used by design teams to come up with product cost at a very early stage of product development.


Industrial Machinery & Components


Consumer Products

Hi Tech


SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, UI Masking and Logging

17 Jun @3-4pm

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It is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool that uses real-time intelligence to effectively manage systems’ vulnerability to external and internal cybersecurity threats – and help ensure data protection.


Organisations requiring the ability to proactively
(reactively) monitor and analyse threats in real-time.