SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined... An invitation to the SAP Australian User Group community to access this personalised program

2 Jun 20

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As a member of the SAP User Group Community, SAP would like to invite you to the all-new SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined digital program – a 3-part experience designed to serve as your ‘Playbook’ for information important to your business interests.

With SAPPHIRE NOW traditionally taking part in Orlando, Florida, this is a great opportunity to tune in during time friendly hours, and experience the fantastic line up of speakers, access useful content and network with peers from around the world. 

Premiering from June 16, SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined is here for you from the comfort of your own home. 

SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined will include access to three core initiatives; Unplugged, Vision and Converge. You'll find further information below. 

With multiple channels to choose from, zero in on the content that’s right for your role or industry, either Live or in your own time On-demand.

We look forward to connecting with you in the coming weeks. 

Find a quick digital program overview below: 


A weekly, free-access video series showcasing conversations with leaders, thinkers, influencers, and experts who share insights on how we can navigate and manage our lives through the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.  On June 16, join us for a conversation with our CEO Christian Klein as he shares his vision for a reimagined SAP, followed by ANZ President & MD, Damien Bueno, and distinguished guests. Learn more. June 16 also kicks off SAPPHIRE NOW Converge, your online destination for live and on-demand content from SAP where you will hear from leading brands; Adidas, NAB, Sigma Healthcare, World Wildlife Federation and many more. Learn more.

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