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Jul 4

Success metrics must be well defined

The handling of the model lifecycle is what differentiates ML development and maintenance from standard software development and maintenance. Not only do the ML models have to adjust and scale to the amount of incoming data, like in classical software development, but the ML models also must adjust according to the data content and composition to perform reliably.

Jun 27

Use gamification to boost cybersecurity

In 2018, our security organization began using an escape game to teach cybersecurity to a much broader group – our whole SAP employee base. In the game, the players are captured by a crazy doctor and locked in the Horror Hospital. To survive, they have to solve nine security challenges in four rooms. For each correct answer, they collect one letter toward spelling a password to get out.

Jun 20

Influence SAP's future products - Register for SAP CEI projects now!

The 2nd round of SAP Customer Engagement Initiative projects for 2022 are now available for registration until 8 Jul - influence and learn about future SAP products now.

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