SUGEN Value of Support Charter Team Presents First Deliverable

6 Oct 17

Customers are entitled to a lot of support services, content and tools when they have an SAP support contract. Customers are not always aware of all this and therefore don’t benefit enough from the value that is in their contracts. This was concluded by SAP and also by user groups when they did surveys in the area of Service & Support.

To solve this, SUGEN began the Value of Support Charter in November 2016. The main purpose of this Charter was to make an inventory of all the different support elements/services and to make this transparent and understandable at different levels for customers.

The Charter team can now present the first deliverable of the Charter, the Support Scope document, easily accessible and shareable via Overview of Support Models. The document explains the scope of the different support models across four pillars and the SAP Solution Manager as foundation:

  • Innovation and value realization
  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration
  • Mission critical support

Although the document is new, the underlying information is the existing online source information from SAP which will be updated when necessary.

The Value of Support  Charter team has global representatives including Graham Reynolds representing the SAP Australian User Group:

  • Paulo Moraes, ASUG Brazil
  • Frank Haes, (Belgium)
  • Simon Redondie, USF (France)
  • Rob van der Marck, VNSG (Netherlands)
  • Wassilios Lolas, SAP
  • Chris Crone, ASUG (North-America)
  • Grahame Reynolds, SAUG (Australia)
  • Isabelle Bodet, USF (France)
  • Alejandro Bonsignore, ASUG Argentina
  • Pedro Restrepo, ASUG Colombia
  • Martin Brownsword, SBN (Norway)
  • William Khalil, SUGMENA (Middle-East and North-Africa)