Uncover the SAP solutions to help your organisation succeed in the Experience Economy

29 Jul 19

Organisations are becoming brutally aware of the importance of delivering a differentiated experience to the customer that is personalised, tailored and integrated. Whether a company offers a product, or a service has become almost secondary to the end experience offered to the customer. In fact, in 2018 Gartner cited that by 2016, 89% of companies expected to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus only 36% four years prior. They suggest that customer experience itself is proving to be the only truly durable competitive advantage.  

Customer touchpoints have become amplified beyond the traditional storefront, contact centre and website to include social networks and smart phones, necessitating even more channels that must be integrated and managed. However, the customer cares little about how many channels the business offers, so long as their preferred experience is delivered where and how they want it, when they want it. The rise and rise of social networks, and the use of these networks by consumers as virtual foghorns to communicate their satisfaction, or more often dissatisfaction with a brand; has meant that if an organisation does not deliver to expectations they can risk losing not only that individual customer, but many more through social ‘word of mouth’ along with business value on the share market. 

So how does an organisation ensure that they can provide a seamless intelligent experience across so many channels?  

The requirement is automation. A system that combines data from all channels and interactions into one integrated system. That can present the organisation as a single entity, and equally understand the customer, their likes and dislikes, based on the amalgamation of all previous interactions regardless of the delivery channel.  

As the trend towards personalised, differentiated and integrated customer experiences increases in momentum, SAP offers two such solutions with its newly acquired Qualtrics experience management solution and C/4HANA Cloud based suite of Customer Experience (CX) products.  The SAP solutions aims to help organisations win in the Experience Economy by 'differentiating and growing the business and delivering exceptional customer experiences'. They have been developed to build a connected customer journey through their 5 cloud solution portfolios. 

This customer experience imperative will feature heavily at the SAP Australian User Group National Summit this year; with the introduction of a Customer Experience Stream. The stream will operate over two days and will feature experts in the area of customer experience, Qualtrics, data management and in SAP C/4HANA. Delegates will also hear form customers such as Woolworths, Lion and Frucor who will share their experiences in implementing a CX strategy; and give real examples of how they have managed to implement a system to create a single view of the customer.  

In addition to the Customer Experience Stream at the SAUG National Summit, delegates can choose from 12 alternative streams focused on hot topic areas including: digital transformation, S/4HANA, intelligent technology, financial transformation, innovation, optimising SAP and more. 

With over 80 breakout sessions, delegates can tailor their own agenda and maximise the relevance of their summit experience. The agenda also features three outstanding international thought leaders, who will share their insights: 

Ray Wang – globally recognised technology futurist, master strategist, and one of the world’s most in-demand technology speakers– will help make sense of emerging technologies and trends and give incomparable insights into the most critical SAP issues. Ray will also provide his incomparable insights into experience management, marketing analytics and artificial intelligence. 


Geraldine McBride, is a renowned Enterprise Business Technology and AI thought leader. With a background in science, her global career spans 30 years, including senior executive roles with IBM, Dell and SAP. McBride has a deep knowledge of enterprise systems, enterprise processes, AI and can explain how these can be transformed to deliver further tangible returns for enterprises and their customers. She is the CEO & director of MyWave AI, a market leading Enterprise AI company focused on Intelligent Personalisation by putting the customer at the centre of the business 

Martin Mrugal, has held a number of diverse management and executive leadership roles. In his current role as Global Head of Customer Success, SAP Global,  Mrugal’s team is focused on transforming the way SAP engages and cares for its customers throughout the entire lifecycle. Mrugal’s new organisation brings together several cloud and on-premise customer teams under one umbrella including: Analytics and Innovation, SuccessFactors, SAP Cloud Platform, S/4 HANA Customer Engagement, Digital Supply Chain.  

What sets the SAUG National Summit agenda apart is its focus on customer case studies. Over 30 leading customer organisations will reveal how they are transforming, improving, innovating and optimising their SAP systems, gaining real business value, tackling disruption and leveraging opportunities from new technologies. 

Customer experience has become potentially one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Make sure you’re up to speed by attending the SAUG National Summit this year on 26-27 August at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. Bring your colleagues and take advantage of the 4for3 Group Booking Deal. 

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